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Béatrice Vu

Director, Docu Filmmaker, Brand Strategy

Bea was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, but her parents are from Vietnam and Thailand. She gave up the finance world in 2017 to follow her passion for conscious travel and sharing impactful stories. Since very young, her dad introduced her to wildlife and nature documentaries, and she immediately felt captivated by the diversity of our world in culture and species.

As a filmmaker with a degree in Graphic Design, she shifts gears between being a branding designer, adventure photographer and filmmaker with a focus on travel documentaries and environmental topics. This allows her to explore, live and work abroad worldwide to take the time to learn about the cultures and capture intentional stories with the hope of having a positive impact.

With this skill set, she can communicate your brand message with ease or help you orient your messaging into one that will win your target audience loyalty.

Selected short-films


Director, Cinematography, Storyteller


Director, Cinematography, Editor

Branded Content

Horizn Studios

Short videos & Photography

Horizn Studios aims to build sustainable solutions for the future of travel. They create durable quality products with conscious materials and designs. 

Cabin Senja

Brand video and photo (airbnb)

With the Devil’s Tooth range as a backdrop, you can experience the midnight sun, northern lights, ocean swells and everything else nature on the outside of Senja has to offer. The new heated 16m2 conservatory facing north will be perfect for these experiences.

GURU energy drink

Photography, Reel and visibility

In partnership with the local brand GURU Energy Drink, we collaborate together to raise brand awareness about their Organic and environmental initiatives.

Commons App

Reel videos & visibility

With Commons App, discover the environmental impact of your purchases and find easy ways to make low-carbon choices. In Spain, my team and I used the App to track our emissions.

Slow Travel Photography

The Mentawai Tribe

Short Film and Stills

The Mentawai are the indigenous people of the Mentawai Islands in Sumatra, Indonesia. They live mainly on Siberut Island. The tribe has its own language, culture and customs passed down from their ancestors thousands of years ago. But for how long until…?

Gutsy Kombucha

Photography and Reel videos

Gutsy Kombucha’s mission is to brew the healthiest and tastiest fermented and powered by plants drinks on the market! Their core values are authenticity, sustainability and health.

Story of Blue

Short Film and Stills

In the world of rare genetic conditions, one that stands out in Sumatra, Indonesia is the Waardenburg syndrome
Meet Dani 9 years old and Ficka 5 years old, happy children living in a village in Sumpur, a Minangkabau culture where people enjoy a simple life. 

Funding in process.

Coexisting with the Giants

Short Film and Stills

In March 2023, we challenge ourselves to live an authentic experience and meet the Karen Hill tribes to observe and learn about how the people coexist with the rescued elephants.

In collaboration with Somboon Legacy Foundation and Kindred Spirit Elephant Sanctuary

Branding, logo and graphic design

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