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Welcome, I am Béatrice

My name is Beatrice, I’m half Vietnamese and Thai born in Quebec. I gave up the finance world in 2017 to follow my passion for conscious travel and visual communication. Since very young, my dad introduced me to wildlife and nature documentaries, and I was deeply captivated by the diversity of our world in culture, landscape and species.

While I was completing my degree in graphic design and digital marketing, I started my company Wild to Balance Studio between my part-time job in a photography studio. Fast forward to now, I shift gears between being a branding designer, adventure photographer and filmmaker with a focus on travel documentaries and environmental topics. This allows me to explore, live and work abroad worldwide to take the time to learn about the cultures and capture intentional stories with the hope to have a positive impact.

My value proposition

At Wild to Balance, we aim to provide you with the best design, visual content and storytelling without an expiration date. With our proven method: research, conception and strategy. We will make sure by the end of the project, you will have all the assets to stand out from your competitors and a documentary piece that tell the stories that matters.

Our Core values


We prioritize inner progression into your best version and innovation to do better.


We believe each brand has a unique message to share and trust that transparency is the key to good communication.


We promote long-term and conscious options for the world and a concept that will last.


The most rewarding accomplishment occurs outside of our comfort zone. Dare to be different.

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