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My story: becoming a freelance digital creator

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Béatrice Vu

Branding | Digital Creator | Slowmad Adventure Travel

My Story

Chapter 1: Childhood

To discover and seek discomfort has always been in my root. I’ve been lucky to experience asian culture since yougn age because of my background, which left me wanting to experience more from this earth. When I was 5 years old, they asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up. the little me said, “I want to travel the world”. the teacher laughed because she considered it to be only a child reflection and it will change with time to be a “more normal job” such as being a dentist. Yet, as I grew up, this vision stayed the same, but shaped into more purpose.

Chapter 2: Social influence

I went to school like most people, but always felt deep down it was a system that did not align fully with my inner self. I remember thinking: why the hell am I sitting there when I can do/learn things that truly matter to me? All of this for a piece of paper that is supposed to define my worth?

Although, I did not know what else to do.  I started drawing in my notebooks. The drawing was always my way to escape in my thoughts. it’s a way to explore perspectives that words can not reach. In art classes, my creations were always selected to be exposed and I even won a contest. yet, the guidance counsellor discourage me and told me it is not a path I should follow. “only a few artists are successful, you are good in math, finance is the best option for you”. pressured by everyone around me, this is the first and last time I did not listen to my intuition. So I started a Technical in financial services and insurance and worked in the field for 2 years…

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” 

Chapter 3: Rebellion

In school, I was seen as a perfect student, good academic performance, a basketball athlete and not getting in troubles. But everything changes when I experience first hand the mental burden of being a victim of racism and abuse of authority. 

I questionned everything, as a teenager, I didn’t know if this behaviour was “normal” or not because everyone else stayed silence and watched, scared to be treated the same. But I chose to show no weakness on the outside even if inside my mind, I had enough, my energy was slowly vanishing. When I graduated high school, I told myself never again will I not speak up […]

Chapter 4: Experimentation

In 2015, I went to my first backpacking trip to Costa Rica with my best friend and at the time, only had a Gopro to capture the moments (she got swallowed by a wave and the footage remains lost until this day..haha). In 2017, I graduated in insurance and finance services, worked in the field and felt stagnant. I knew this was not going to last long but this money allowed me to afford my travels and bills. I then learned about graphic design, a bachelor that could allow me to work remotely and be my own boss. knowing that I could only start next semester I booked a one-way ticket to Kaua’i and ventured for the next 6 months.

Being by myself far from noises allowed me to get my creative side back to life. I started selling art online, waitress, even construction (lol) and crafting as I go, but the income was not consistent. In my free time, I would capture images for fun. 

“Trust the process” 

Chapter 4: Awakening

In 2018, I purchased my first mirrorless camera and felt in love with photography in the mountains of Peru. In the Cordilliera Blanca, I start realising I wanted to give back to the planet seing the impact of plastic and climate change. But how?

I then got introduced to ionized water machines when I returned to Kaua’i. These “mystical at the time” machines can create 5 types of water that can replace our household and remove chemicals. While testing the product, I noticed changes in my skin and hydration, which led me to invest in one for my family. Little did I know that this decision would lead me to an additional income online.

While I was building my online business from nothing, 


Chapter 5: Wild to Balance

As I started my bachelor, I got my first paid brand deal with Amazon Prime students and saw that we can actually make “money” with social media without a massive following, hello micro influencers!

Knowing I didn’t want to be back to a 9-5, I crafted my first website and start as a freelance graphic designer while having a job in a Photo Studio and a barista as well. I was working 3 jobs to pay my school fees and also save money to travel again.  This was a short-term sacrifice I was willing to take to create my dream life.

Fast forward, 3 years later, I own my branding and content design digital business and helped 6 figures earners scale their business and became a full-time digital nomad on slow travels.

Still a lot to accomplish and goals to reach, but thank you for being here with an open mind.

Chapter 6: Conscious travels

Antarctica, a continent I never thought I’d have the chance to experience. But here we go: as I was finishing a contract, I received an application from my friend and a few months later, I was selected to be part of a team of 120 other potential climate change leaders, which will take place in March 2022 […]

Chapter 6: In the making

I guess this one trip to Antarctica changed my career and gave me clarity on exactly how I could be at service to the world while being through to myself.

Since then, my first short film: Conscious Travel, an imperfect quest won 2 awards, I have worked with brands around the world as a brand designer and a filmmaker to help them communicate their message for sustainability and coexistence with wildlife and I can’t wait to see what is next and show you what we have been working on!

Reminder to have fun!

Bea xx

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