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Beyond the Landscape

Ecocamp, Torres Del Paine


Directed, Edited and Cinematography by Béatrice Vu

Production and Camera Assistant and by Alexandra Walsh

Additional Pumas Footage by Timothy Dhalleine

Music by C.K. Martin – A Life Forfeited


Public release, July, 2023


After stepping back for a long time and reflecting on how to put the spotlight on the people I encountered in Patagonia, I finally had the inspiration to finalize this short film in my free time. The goal of this film is to showcase how one conversation can help you change your perspective and leave a positive impact on your mind. Something you can then transfer back. This is how Felipe, Katty and Alfredo are able to achieve that in the mountains of Torres del Paine every season for every diverse tourist they encounter including us. After the expedition in Antarctica for climate action, I got invited by Ecocamp to stay at their eco domes, share my slow travel experience and visit their sustainable infrastructure. My team and I then got the opportunity to learn about their low-impact design and local initiative. *This represents 4 months in Patagonia exploring and learning.

Behind the scene shots​